Team Rehab

Covid-19 Policy

Dear Team Rehab patients:

At Team Rehab, our patients' and staff members' health & safety is a top priority. Here you will find updated information on how we are dealing with the threat of the coronavirus (COVID-19) inside our clinics. Additionally, find some tips on whether you should attend your therapy appointment or not. We offer TeleRehab to our patients who can’t attend in-clinic therapy.

***If you are unsure about whether you should or shouldn't come in for your appointment, please call to talk to the clinic director or your therapist. They can ask you some questions and take your specific case into account.

Inside our Clinics:

We are practicing a variety of safety precautions to keep everyone in our clinics safe.

1. Pre-screening of all persons permitted entry to the clinic. Temperature will be taken and questions regarding symptoms and potential levels of exposure to others with COVID-19, will be asked and answered.

2. Masks will be worn by all staff and offered to patients that can wear a mask without further health risks.

3. The number of persons permitted within the clinic will be monitored in order to maintain the mandated social distancing.

4. All equipment, tables, counters, door handles and other exposed surfaces will be cleaned with CDC approved disinfectants.

5. All staff will wash hands regularly after contact with other persons and surfaces within the clinic.

Our staff treat every patient with universal precautions, meaning thorough hand washing and sanitizing in between patients. We are insisting that any staff member who is beginning to feel sick stays home. We will be consistently disinfecting surfaces throughout our treatment day and will be happy to sanitize a piece of equipment prior to your use. We are prepared to safely treat patients inside our clinics as we have hand washing stations and hand sanitizer for patients to use. We recommend frequent, thorough hand washing as the best defense against the spread of the virus. Also, avoid touching your face until you have washed your hands. Always cough or sneeze into a sleeve or tissue and wash your hands immediately afterward. We have posted sanitizing instructions throughout the clinics.

Canceling your appointments:

Please cancel your appointments if you are starting to feel ill or have started coughing/sneezing regularly. Additionally, if you have been knowingly exposed to someone with COVID-19, we ask that you wait 2 weeks after that exposure before attending any appointments. It is important that we all do this to slow the spread of the virus. Using universal precautions will prevent the spread of the virus; however, you are at increased risk if you are immunocompromised, elderly or having underlying medical conditions (especially lung disease). If you fall into these categories and do not want to risk leaving your home, please contact your therapist to set up a home program for you to follow.

Transportation Companies:

We have been in contact with the transportation companies we generally work with and they have indicated that drivers will be sanitary and will have wipes/sprays/gels and masks available.

Please do not hesitate to contact your clinic and speak to your therapist about what your clinic is doing to prevent the spread of the virus. We thank you for your patience during this difficult time. We will update this page as the situation progresses.